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Digital Therapy

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Despite the rise of technology in the healthcare sector, the discipline of physical therapy has retained its essential human touch. Here at Jintronix, we are developing digital rehabilitation software and sometimes we get asked if we are making a system that will replace physical and occupational therapists. This could not be further from the truth.

The Jintronix Rehabilitation System (JRS) actually serves as a complement to in-person therapy, as its features create a number of opportunities within the field, in particular the issue of providing evidence for insurance, which tends to rely on quantitative outcome measures.

JRS is designed to be a tool that allows clinicians to provide a greater amount of care within a given time period. This is a system that the patient can use more independently to complete exercises, so that potentially clinicians could see more patients in a day while still offering the same quality of care. In addition to this great efficiency boost, which addresses the growing strain on healthcare resources, JRS facilitates the complicated process of providing insurance proofs. Since JRS grants clinicians access to a wide array of data sets, details on patient’s progress are easy to access and translate directly into insurance reporting.

While digital innovation often has its complications, new products and ideas can often be a source of social well-being. Innovation is more than simply the creation of new tangible products; at its root the word means ”renewal.” Jintronix hopes to renew the way in which physical therapy is practiced. JRS strives to optimize medical resources, ensure that treatment is as effective as it can possibly be, and dispense with problems like insurance proofs.

Written by Jason Stober


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