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Could gaming avatars enhance benefits of physical therapy?

Dr. Aaron Bunnell and team have been working with Jintronix for almost 1 year helping us design more effective and…

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Microsoft: Dancing with the FDA

Bill Crounse, MD and Senior Director of Worldwide Health at Microsoft weighs in on today’s announcement. Dancing with the FDA,…

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Microsoft Kinect clears massive FDA hurdle with Jintronix

Jintronix has announced that for the first time the Microsoft Kinect has been cleared by the FDA for use directly…

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Les victimes d’un AVC à l’aide de Kinect pour la réadaptation à domicile

Désolé, cet article est seulement disponible en EN.

Gaming healthcare: How Microsoft Kinect is revolutionizing the future of rehab

Great article from Tech Republic on Gaming in Healthcare. This article focuses on two groups, Microsoft Asia and Jintronix both…

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