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Kinect One: Reshaping Gamified Physical Rehab

On November 22nd Microsoft released the Xbox One.  On that same day, discount a few lucky developers were granted access to the Kinect One for Windows, Microsoft’s upgraded Kinect sensor.  Jintronix was lucky enough to be selected as one of these developers and we are ready to share some of the improvements with you.

First and foremost, multiplayer. After speaking with directors of Seniors Wellness programs across Canada and the US, a commonly expressed need was to improve the social atmosphere within their facilities. It seems Microsoft read their mind with the new Kinect One now capable of tracking 6 individuals simultaneously. This is a massive improvement over its predecessor which was only able to track 2 people.

The second major improvement is with the cameras accuracy. Having tried the system in our own lab, the Kinect One was far better at tracking fine motor function like wrist rotation, thumb position and shoulder arching. We see these improvements as critical to providing patients with safe and accurate feedback and clinicians with more meaningful metrics on the compensatory patterns of their patients.

The final major change is with the new sensors broadened field of view. One of the major frustrations our clients faced with the original sensor was the amount of space they needed to dedicate to the system. With the old sensor, patients needed to stand between 2 to 3 meters in front of the camera for optimal tracking. With the newer sensor, patients can sit much closer to the screen freeing up room for other equipment or allowing a system to be placed in a smaller room.

As the Jintronix team beings to implement these features into our product offering, we can’t wait to see what other surprises the new Kinect One will have to offer.

Daniel Schacter, Co Founder


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