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JIN Tronix

Enhancing physical rehabilitation through motion capture technology

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Jintronix is re-imagining an innovative, accessible and value-driven model for the delivery of physical therapy.

Combining Kinect Motion tracking, virtual gaming and remote clinical monitoring, Jintronix offers patients a fun and effective tool for physical rehabilitation. Since 2012, Jintronix has helped over 5,000 patients in post-acute facilities and from the comforts of their own living rooms.

No Sensors Needed on Body

Clinically Designed Exercises

Designed with physical and occupational therapists, each exercise and activity is programmed to maximize recovery in a safe environment.

Activities designed for rehab

Fun and Engaging Environments

By incorporating gaming aspects into therapy, Jintronix is changing the way patients feel about their daily exercises. We believe that the more fun you have exercising, the more motivated you will be to stay on track.

Anytime Anywhere with Telerehabilitation

Whether doing therapy at the clinic or at home, patients can now feel they are getting the attention they need. Jintronix's telerehabilitation platform allows clinician to assign new exercises and monitor progress at anytime from anywhere. By using the system at home, patients now receive instant feedback on their performance and clinicians receive the data they need for to improve in-clinic therapy.

Three ways to use the system

Integrated Model

Combined with clinician’s traditional therapy. Use the system to quickly assess patient progress and reduce manual documentation.

Kiosk Model

Stand alone offering available in clinic without direct supervision.

At-home Model

The at-home model is recommended for patients to use in-between clinic visits or after being discharged.



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