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Personalized Therapy: The fine line between useful tools and burdensome gizmos

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In an age where “the customer is always right”, doctor in which everyone expects everything, exactly how they would like it, customization is king. With the invention of modern production facilities, automated assembly lines, and computer assisted design, it is easier than ever to produce one off items as per the customer’s specifications. With technology becoming more prevalent in physical therapy, where each clinician has their own unique style and technique, shouldn’t it be reasonable for technology to adapt to their individual needs as well?

I believe it is, but as someone helping to bring new technologies into the hands of clinicians, I know it is a bit of a balancing act. In the field of physical therapy, which has remained relatively unchanged since its modern day conception, clinicians have all developed unique exercises and techniques to help them treat their clients. These practices have survived the test of time, helping countless people get back to their regular day to day lives. The problem is, every clinician has a different “favorite” exercise, and each one of those needs to be further customized based on their individual client’s needs. Very quickly this turns into thousands and millions of individual, personalized exercises. Should technology be able to replicate what years of experience and practice have built?

If so, how do you create that many personalized activities and make them available to clinicians? How would they even begin to find the right activity from a library of millions, some virtually identical? Quickly we realized that we could not cater to everyone’s individual wants and needs, so we gave up. We gave up trying to create every possible exercise and activity, and instead decided to provide clinicians with the ability to customize and create unique exercises and activities themselves. I like to say that we are creating a toolbox for clinicians to use however they would like, we just want to know what tools you will need.

The trick is making sure the tools are easy for everyone to use, but powerful enough to allow the customizability and detail some clinicians require to properly address their client’s needs. This is the balancing act we are performing. We are striving to create as functional and approachable a tool set as possible to ensure that technology finds its place in the modern day physical therapy clinic, and not rusting away in the corner of your office.

Max Graham
Director of Business Development
Jintronix Inc.



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