The Importance of Celebration

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Being in a start up is a lot of work, and there is always more to do. You begin to develop tunnel vision, you can’t stop thinking about the next push, and you never let yourself rest. We are all guilty of this as individuals, but also as a team. That is why it is so important to take the time to recognize your accomplishments, and celebrate them.

At Jintronix this is normally in the form of a celebratory dinner. Just recently we went to Casa Grecque to celebrate the successful closing of our seed round with Madrona Venture Group. We ordered some food for the table, and shared a few bottles of wine. It was good to have the whole team relax for a few moments and enjoy our accomplishments.

I find it is also important to celebrate the small victories. Maybe you just finished a lengthy report, or finally set up that meeting you have been working to get for the last month. Taking the time to pat yourself, and your colleagues, on the back is what will give you the energy to push through those really tough times. Sometimes it can feel like you are not accomplishing much, but all that work is important, so when you do finish something, enjoy it. You will become more productive, your work place will remain a friendly environment, and you will sleep better for those few precious hours you allow yourself every night.

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