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Mark Evin, Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer

Mark's Bio

Mark co-founded Jintronix Inc. in 2010 to leverage motion capture technology and transform physical rehabilitation. Bringing his experience as a self-taught programmer & multimedia producer, he led the company through initial product design, IP, clinical research and regulatory approval process. Mark is currently leading our business expansion into facilities and home-based tele-rehab across North America.





David Schacter, Chief Operating Officer

David's Bio

David manages product development at Jintronix, marrying his interests in motion capture technology and operations management. David’s passion for computer vision began during his graduate studies at the University of Toronto, where he developed a novel motion capture system which more accurately tracks objects as they deform, and conducted research in the field which was published in various international journals. Prior to joining Jintronix, David was a management consultant with the Boston Consulting Group, where he advised large Canadian and multinational engineering companies and IT organizations on how to organize their business and improve operations. David also developed software and mechatronic systems at Autoliv Electronics Canada, and planned product development of two satellites at CANEUS NPS. David received his B.A.Sc. and his M.A.Sc. from the University of Toronto.

Tom Kuzma, National Accounts Manager

Tom's Bio

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Alizah Ben, Marketing Director

Alizah's Bio

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Chris Pennell, User Experience Designer

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Robyn Lahiji, Client Engagement Coordinator

Robyn's Bio

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Sonny Bae, Technical Co-founder and Software Developer

Sonny's Bio

Sonny aspires to create impact by pursuing his passion for software development. He received his B. Eng in Honours Electrical Engineering from McGill University in 2011. During his time at McGill, he developed a strong background in the fields of human-computer interaction and computer graphics by leading the development of research projects and by working as a teaching assistant. With his technical problem-solving skills and aptitude in making software teams work well together, Sonny will drive the software development and deployment at Jintronix.


Phil Davidson, Software Developer

Phil's Bio

Phil is a Software Engineering graduate from McGill University. Phil brings experience from working at Morgan Stanley in their Enterprise Infrastructure group. There he touched on many the aspects of software development from designing and building a next-generation web application to back-end infrastructure and database administration. In that position he also gained knowledge in distributed systems, load balancing and faced the challenges of supporting and maintaining a 24/7 uptime system.


Thomas Ward, QA Specialist

Thomas' Bio

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