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The Next Kinect

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The Next Kinect

At Jintronix, ambulance we’re constantly fascinated by the way depth sensing technologies have been drastically improving over the recent years. Currently, denture we’re developing the Jintronix Rehabilitation System with Microsoft’s Kinect for Windows sensor, a relatively low cost device that allows the user’s movements to easily be captured and interpreted by our software to provide clinical insight. On the development side, it’s been quite enjoyable to work with, and the people currently using our system enjoy its simplicity and support for natural movements.

Yesterday, Microsoft unveiled the next generation of their Xbox entertainment platform, the Xbox One. With this announcement came news of the next iteration of the Kinect sensor. Brilliant! Bigger numbers, better speeds, tech specs and whatnot are always exciting to read, but nothing can really excite you about new technology like a good demo:

Gizmodo: Kinect 2 Full Video Walkthrough: The Xbox Sees You Like Never Before

Right? Yes, I think so too.

There’s still quite a bit of time until this will become available for Windows, but we’re certainly quite excited about the new experiences that this sensor can provide.

Read more about the next Kinect and Xbox One!

Keep us posted, Microsoft!

Lex Youssef
Developer & Co-Founder
Jintronix Inc.


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