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What I’ve Learned at Jintronix

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What I’ve Learned at Jintronix

One of the things I like most about being a developer is soaking in the culture and knowledge of the area I’m working in. In my previous jobs, I learned about wine making, e-health and e-commerce.

So have I learned so far during my time at Jintronix?

I learned about brain neuroplasticity or how human beings after they accidently lose the capacity to move half of their body, are able to teach another part of their brain to take over.

I learned that one of the challenges patients are facing while engaging in the physical rehabilitation process is commitment.

I learned that not the same movements and body parts are involved when lifting the arm with palm facing down or palm facing up.

I learned about Protected Health Information and how as a company who handles sensitive information for patients, we have to protect this data very carefully.

So when programming, what’s the point in knowing all this?

Understanding the area I am working in and getting interested in the needs and constraints of the people I want to serve is making a huge difference when creating a brand new way to deliver rehabilitation services. Not only do we need to understand the way physical rehabilitation is usually performed to put up the right workflow, we also need to get immersed in the context to have the capacity to propose solutions that people would never have thought of.

That’s what we do at Jintronix: we work closely with professionals and we become genuinely interested in how clinicians work and what difficulties patients are facing.

We just want to learn from them so we can come up with a product that will blow their minds.

Julie Guého
Jintronix Inc



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